Tumblr is back in Apple’s App Store: Banned for adult content

Everyone should remember that Tumblr, the world’s largest light blog application, was suddenly taken off the shelf by Apple. The reason for the removal is that Apple is intolerable because there are a lot of adult content on the app, most of which are bad videos.

After being removed from the shelves, Tumblr immediately stressed to the outside world that from December 17th, all adult content on the platform will be permanently banned to eradicate the porn-related communities on the platform, and this move will fundamentally change the way the service is used.

However, the official also stressed that for the illustrations and art that show nakedness, it can be left on the platform, but it has to be reviewed repeatedly.

In addition, Tumblr reiterates that each image passed to Tumblr will be scanned against the existing industry database of child sexual abuse materials, and the images found will never be published on the platform.

The latest official news now says that Tumblr has been re-applied to the App Store, which adds security mode and automatically filters adult content. It is reported that Tumblr lost at least one million users after being removed.

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