Trump appeared idiot according to Google :Google CEO responded

According to the news Google CEO Sundar Pichai attended a hearing in the US Congress to find out whether Google’s conservative content was discriminated against and data security. Issues such as fake news and hate speech were discussed.

Among them, the question of US Congressman Zoe Lovegrenti is that Lovegren asks: “If you take a photo of Google’s idiot now, it is Trump’s photo. I just got That’s it. Why is this?”

In this regard, Pichai gave a long and general answer explaining how Google search works.

Pichai said: “Whenever you enter a keyword, Google will crawl and store up to billions of pages of information from our index, and then we will be based on more than 200 access points, such as relevance, fresh Degrees, popularity, and how people use the rules to match the keyword to the web page, and then place the high-ranked web content in front of the search results. Based on this computing model, we can provide optimal search results based on the problem. Then, we hire some outsiders to evaluate our search results, they will judge according to objective criteria. This is how we ensure that Google’s search engine is effective.”

Lovegren was not satisfied with the answer, and then asked sharply, “So there are no villains hiding behind the curtain and deciding what is appropriate for it?”

Pichay replied: “Search is a large-scale computing process, and we will not artificially interfere with any search results.”

In the middle of this year, there were foreign media reports. When Google searched for “idiots,” Trump’s photos appeared. The US technology website The Verge reports that this is due to external interference in Google search results, also known as Google bombing “Google bombing.” Google bombing refers to defrauding search engines through some external means, ranking irrelevant content at the forefront of search results, usually in political and commercial propaganda.

Trump is not the first president to suffer a “Google bombing.” At the beginning of the 21st century, the search for “miserable failure” also led to the search results of the then US President George W. Bush.