TRAI DND app now listed in Indian App Store for ios devices

I’m talking about a particularly interesting thing about Apple’s decision in India. India’s population is second only to China, so there is huge potential in the Indian market, and although per capita income is not high, it is also profitable.

For Apple, although Apple’s iPhone X and XS series are not selling well in India, the old iPhone 5s is the best-paid iPhone in the country, which explains why Apple is producing iPhone SE in India.

But recently Apple has encountered a particularly bad thing. The thing is this: The Indian government issued an announcement to Apple that they must be on the shelf called DND (Do Not Disturb) anti-harassment software. If they refuse to cooperate, then The iPhone is forbidden to sell in India.

It must be said that after all, Apple is an internationally famous multinational group. Of course, it is a refusal. The reason given is that this app can access consumers’ phone calls and text messages, infringing on the privacy of users.

However, in the face of India’s ultimatum, Apple is still soft. The DND application is listed in the Indian App Store. Users can receive up to 10 spam calls and text messages per day, and the app allows users to join the Do Not Disturb list and report unwanted calls and messages.

As for why Apple is soft, I guess one is that Apple is not willing to give up the market with great potential in India, and the other is because the developers of DND have great energy. This app is owned by the Indian Telecommunications Authority (TRAI). Time-consuming research and development, it is an anti-spam application that was developed to handle harassing calls and text messages that are used to track harassing calls and text messages.

Previously, TRAI had added a new regulation requiring all smartphones in the country to install the app. However, since this is written by the operator, there is no power for the mobile phone manufacturer, so the previous scene will appear.