Top 10 best-selling mobile phones in China 2018? 

Today, smart phones have become a must-have product for people. We need mobile phones to improve efficiency when we work and live. Recently, third-party market research institute Counterpoint announced the list of the top 10 best-selling mobile phones in China in 2018. According to the list, some of the products of OPPO , Apple , Vivo , and Xiaomi have won the top sales.
Top 10 best-selling mobile phones in the Chinese market in 2018 (data from Counterpoint)

Looking closely, OPPO has five products in the sales list, which are OPPO R15, OPPO A5, OPPO A83, OPPO A73 and OPPO R11s. According to Counterpoint’s data, OPPO A5’s monthly sales volume is close to 2 million, and the starting price of this product is only 1,000 yuan. It is not difficult to see that consumers’ attitude towards changing mobile phones is becoming more pragmatic.

Apple’s performance is similar to that of 2017. The flagship mobile phones such as iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus are still the first choice for many consumers, and the sales of iPhone X also won the second place in China.

In terms of overall sales, Huawei and honor still dominated in 2018, and Huawei and honor also formed a group advantage through different products and high-end and low-end markets. This may be the reason why Huawei and honor won the top sales.