Tongxin releases server operating system V20 Enterprise Edition: Adapt to ARM/x86 performance increase by 20%

Tongxin Software officially released the server operating system V20 Enterprise Edition (1020) tonight. This is the latest improved version of the V20 version released half a year ago, which is fully adapted to the domestic Loongson , ARM, x86 and other processors, while Linux performance has increased by as much as 20%.

Tongxin software, said the release of the first to realize the Godson-3B4000, Kunpeng 920, FT-2000 + / 64, Sea Ray C86-7185, cores trillion KH-30000 series, Shen Wei 1621 processor Domestic mainstream server adaptation work , and has It has been successfully deployed and used in many informatization construction projects in the party, government and military agencies, public security, public security, public institutions, banking, insurance, securities, petroleum, and electric power industries.

The version released this time has added new functions and optimized improvements from the aspects of product installation and deployment, performance, daily use, service support, etc., to ensure that the user’s server production environment is continuously available and stable. The greatest potential, creating new value for customers.