Thunder X has released the official version, Electron software framework completely rewrites the Thunder X main interface, and the download engine has been comprehensively improved. Adapted to the 2K/4K HD screen, the text display effect becomes more clear and delicate. Recently, Thunder X ushered in the official version of, and restored the “Thunder download support” extension of the Chrome browser that has been stopped for more years, and will be automatically installed during the Thunder installation process (requires the extension to be enabled in the Chrome browser to take effect).

With the “Thunder Download Support” extension enabled, Thunder X is finally able to take over the HTTPS protocol download link in the Chrome browser.

Here’s the update:

Restore and update the “Thunder download support” extension of Chrome browser to solve the problem that Thunder X cannot take over HTTPS protocol download link

Redesign the “About Thunder” interface to check for updates and view component versions

Fixed an issue where the location of the “Delete Delete” menu item was abnormal in the right-click menu under certain circumstances.