A jailbreak developer has added a jailbreak plugin that changes the iOS multitasking interface. After installation, the iOS multitasking interface will become very close to the Xiaomi MIUI 10 interface. similar. For this design, the developer said that this is more intuitive and more usable to take advantage of the screen space.

The far right is Xiaomi MIUI 10 multitasking

An iOS developer named relative released a new jailbreak plugin called NewGridSwitcher, which is freely downloadable and usable by jailbroken users. This plugin works on iOS 11 and iOS 12 systems and covers almost all iOS users. According to data released by Apple on February 24, 92% of iOS users are using iOS 11/12.

From the release of the screenshot, the jailbroken plug-in multi-tasking interface can display the interface information of four applications at the same time, which is very similar to the multi-tasking switching interface of Xiaomi MIUI 10. The developer who developed the jailbreak plugin said that the plugin is not a new interface designed by itself, but a grid-based native multitasking switching interface that Apple has not yet opened to ordinary users. Therefore, it will be more efficient in operation than other similar plugins.

iOS jailbreak plugin NewGridSwitcher: Click here to download >>