A new version of the Google operating system will be available later this year. Android 11.Huawei decided which phone to receive the update.
There is already a lot of rumors about the features available in the new version of Android. Smartphone owners will probably be wondering if their phone will receive updates.

At least the customer of the Chinese manufacturer Huawei should have received an answer now. The publication on the Huawei Central website now indicates that you need to get an Android 11 update on your Huawei manufacturer’s smartphone.
Last year, Huawei Developer Conference announced EMUI 10, which runs on Android 10, but this update is not yet installed on all devices from manufacturers, but other Android updates are already coming out largely based on EMUI 11 Android 11. Huawei began introducing stable EMUI-10 for Huawei P30, Mate 20 Series, Nova 5T and P Smart + in various markets including Europe and China in early November 2019. Nevertheless, the release of Android 10 is still in progress.
The user is still eagerly waiting for Android 11. But so far, Huawei has not yet released EMUI 11, and the official launch will probably take place at the Huawei Developer Conference in the second half of 2020.
As of now known: The United States has embarked on a Chinese company due to the current political situation, and EMUI 11 will be available on new devices without Google services. Smartphones delivered before the US embargo are not affected.

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