This app is no longer shared’. iOS 13.5 app launch bug

Some iOS users are reporting an app bug with the message “This app is no longer shared,” when they try to access the app, McLumus and others reported.

It is reported that it is occurring in some models of iPhone and iPad with ▲ iOS 13.5 or ▲ iOS 13.4.1 version installed. When the user tries to open the app, the message “This app is no longer shared” displays and the app does not launch.

This issue is affecting many apps such as ▲ Youtube ▲ Twitter ▲ WhatsApp ▲ Facebook ▲ TickTalk ▲ Last Pass. McLumus also reported that the same error message was displayed when the Watts app was updated on an iPhone running iOS 13.5.

The cause of the problem has not been determined, but it is known that the problem can be temporarily solved by deleting and reinstalling the affected app or offloading the app without deleting it.