These scientists have developed a touchable hologram

Researchers at the University of Sussex have developed 3D holograms that can interact physically.

“Help Obi-Wan Kenobi. UK researchers also claim to have inspired the latest work.

Scientists have found a way to develop 3D holograms that can be seen, heard and touched. Sri Subramanian, project manager, says, “Our system is revolutionizing the concept of 3D displays. The content is not visible to the naked eye, but in all respects it resembles real objects, allowing them to interact with the display.

Specifically, promising applications of the future , researchers used multi-modal acoustic traps (MATD). The device is based on ultrasound, which can project 3D images that can be viewed directly by the human eye. “Our new technology is based on an old TV that uses black and white color sweeps along the screen, allowing the brain to be stored as a single image. Our prototype uses colored particles that can move quickly anywhere in the universe. By doing, make your eyes see volumetric images in the air.

According to scientists, these advances are even more interesting because it is not so difficult to reproduce on a large scale in the context of future commercialization. The researchers do not try to stop here, as they plan to make more detailed holograms. They also believe that their architecture can be used in a variety of fields, such as architecture, design or biomedical.

This amazing innovation confirms the interest of this technology, which can be useful in many fields. We recently talked about how the German circus Roncalli decided to turn to holograms for his performance. It’s an ingenious way to satisfy the spectators without suffering from animal suffering.