There are new iOS updates but you can wait before installing

I like what iOS 13 brought to my iPhone party. But I’m not stuck on how busy the bug was.

I’ve been waiting several times while my wife receives or waits for important work-related messages such as whether she should bring milk shakes home from Peter’s Drive-In. Cupertino’s monarch (most version of the Space Masters is similar to the version) knows that the new and enjoyable iteration of the operating system is just a cluster. As a result, the patch was free since the OS was released earlier this fall. The latest patch for creating scenes is 13.2.3, which will fix more than hoped for.

Just before:

The latest update contains fixes for the Spotlight system discovery feature that has recently failed for some users. Search should now work consistently at the system level and at the Mail, Files, and Notes apps.

If you use an app that downloads content in the background, and you find a weird issue in iOS versions earlier than 13.2.2, Apple now fixes it in a new update. Mail is also updated to resolve issues with fetching new messages or quoting messages from your Exchange account. The only other fix listed in Apple’s release notes for iOS 13.2.3 is related to the issue of photos, links, and other attachments not displaying properly in the iMessage Details view.

Today’s update also includes security updates for iPhones and iPads (yes, I’m running iPadOS but here it is). Of course, anyone who uses Apple mobile hardware to make a living or safety should not install the update immediately. For a few days, before someone touches your hardware, see if you’re losing shit about what the update did.

While Apple is taking care of us, they are embarrassed by the fact that protesters in China and other authoritarian regions maintain a large market share. If you already own an iPhone, it doesn’t mean much to remove your handset. The company already has money. But think about warning the greasy shenanigans people that they are going overseas late. Hurting our brothers and sisters elsewhere will soon be felt at home.