The world’s biggest loser in 2018: Facebook founder Zuckerberg, worth more than 18 billion

On December 24th, through the reinstatement of the richest losers in 2018, we found that the most valuable asset value in the past year was Facebook founder Zuckerberg. His worth this year has shrunk by $18.7 billion, but he still has more than $52 billion worth.

The reason why Zuckerberg lost so much is mainly because its Facebook platform, the weak protection of user data, and the negative news of repeated user data leaks, led to the decline of Facebook’s stock price. And Facebook is too dependent on advertising revenue, and it has become an investor’s concern that it will bring a sharp drop in advertising revenue after it bans the sale of user data. This risk needs to be taken into account by investors.

According to a survey released by a website Toluna, (a polling website this year), Facebook has become the most distrustful platform for users around the world. Nearly 40% (39.6%) of users believe that the information and user information on the platform is false.

The second most ranked on the untrusted list is Twitter, but only 8% of users believe that there is too much false information on the platform.

Zuckerberg’s problems are very serious, and although he has performed well at this year’s regulatory hearing, he has never been able to solve the problem of how to gain user trust. This may be Zuckerberg’s coming. No one in the biggest task of 2019. At the beginning of January each year, Zuckerberg will develop his own annual plan. Maybe after 10 days, we will know how he will prepare to save his social network.