Samsung launches Galaxy Tab S6 last week The specification inside is packed with new products, whether it is Snapdragon 855, 8GB RAM or dual rear camera.

But in addition to specs like processor, memory or camera The screen is another new thing. And use one of the best technologies The latest screen of theSamsung Galaxy Tab S6 is supported by the ability to display HDR10 +. It is the world’s first tablet that has been supported for this display.

Samsung has announced to announce this particular success. Stating that in addition to the Super AMOLED screen that has passed this standard The machine also has speakers with Dolby Atmos AKG and overdoses cause such material on the tablet Galaxy Tab S6 is classy, charming and delightful and truly off.

For previous phones that have received the HDR10 + standard, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, it means that Samsung has brought the knowledge from mobile phones to create a bigger screen. But still able to display HDR10 + as well