The Samsung Galaxy S20 series gets faster autofocus and other improvements with the latest updates

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has received several software updates since its release to improve camera performance, especially the autofocus department. Currently, the company is releasing a new build of system software for the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra, which provides an updated stock camera app and an improved kernel that includes several improvements. .

It is worth mentioning that Samsung began pushing the Android Security Patch in May 2020 to the Galaxy S20 lineup in late April in software version G98xxXXS2ATD5 format, but the rollout was limited to a small number of regions. The latest build, the software version G98xxXXU2ATE6, is already available in several countries in South America, Africa and Asia, so it is designed for a much wider rollout. Due to the fact that updates are cumulative in nature, the ATE6 build keeps the May 2020 patch the same and further improves the camera app version from to
As confirmed by multiple users of Reddit, I need to fix the camera autofocus issue. The fingerprint unlocking mechanism is known to be improved even if the fingerprint animation is slightly off-center. Samsung also introduced a new camera feature called “close-up zoom” on the Galaxy S20 Ultra with this update. Whenever you try to shoot a very close object, the mode is automatically triggered, so you can replace the dedicated macro lens.
Experienced users can use a tool like Frija to download a new build right from Samsung’s updater server and flash it on their device, but there is a problem. The current software version is not yet available for the US S20 variant based on Snapdragon 865, and the downloadable Exynos and Korean Snapdragon firmware packages are not compatible with the device.