The researchers found a malware named Xhelper is immortal, killed without even cleaning the new device. Installed on over 45,000 mobile devices

Symantec reports that a malware named Xhelper has been found since March. With an increasing number of malware infections every day 131 people a day

In addition to Symantech, MalwareBytes also found the malware. Which was found to be a lethal type of malware Regardless of the method eliminated, it will come back again. Without even Factory Reset, the device cannot get rid of it.

The target group for this malware is people in India, the United States and Russia, which spread through apps other than the Google Play Store. Once the app has been installed, it will call Instructed from the server to install Trojans on the machine And will display an enormous amount of advertising to generate revenue for the creator of it And some ads suggest apps on the Play Store as well.

Once it has taken over the device, it will hide all the apps in the launcher, making it impossible to execute any commands at all. The thing that security researchers still can’t find the answer is why can’t it be deleted? have Clear all sizes Or prohibiting the installation of apps outside of the Play Store, it still comes back in anyway

It is a service type app. There is no app page, so it can’t be deleted from the device using normal methods. Causing any antivirus Was unable to handle it at all And the hacker behind the scenes updated Xhelper very often, allowing it to be released from the detection of antivirus for a long time.

Symantec can only recommend basic things Not to install apps from outside the Play Store, always update the operating system to the latest version And see which apps call the Permission. What are the fixes?