The reason why the Galaxy S20 series does not support 2K / 120Hz display, no update is available

Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S20 series .

The S20 has already been released in Japan, and the S20 + is scheduled to be released this month, but this series is also the first Galaxy model to support the 120Hz refresh rate.

The display resolution of the same series is 3200 x 1440 WQHD + (2K), but the screen resolution is FHD + when displaying 120Hz and it is not possible to display 120Hz at 2K.

On the other hand, the recently released Oneplus 8 Pro is capable of displaying 120Hz at 2K.

And this time, I found some interesting information about this difference.

SAMMOBILE those that are reported, whereas what is referred to as a dual MIPI lanes are mounted on According to this Oneplus 8 Pro, Galaxy S20 series is this thing with a single MIPI lane.

Two MIPI lanes are required to deliver a 120Hz signal to a DDIC (Display Driver Integrated Circuit) at 2K, and it seems that this is not possible with the Galaxy S20 series, which has only one .

The previous view was that the Galaxy S20 series disables 120Hz display at 2K in consideration of battery life, but that is not the case and it is because of hardware limitations.

In addition, there was information that 2K / 120Hz will be available for future updates in the same series before the release, but from the information this time, the possibility is almost zero.