have officially ushered in the new year in 2020, but this may be bad news for some games. According to many players, the PC version of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Samurai and WWE 2K20 suddenly failed to start.

According to a large number of players, when trying to start and run these two games, the game crashed, then returned to the desktop, uninstalling, reinstalling and checking the files could not be repaired, and everything was normal the day before. A currently known workaround is to set the system date to 2019.

The specific cause of the crash of the above-mentioned games is still unclear. It is reported that it may be related to D encryption technology, but it is strange that among the many games using D encryption technology, only the above two games are affected by this problem. It shows that Assassin’s Creed: Origins encountered similar problems, but there were not so many related reports.

At present, 2K game studios are still on vacation, and there is no official response to this.