The Pokémon GO adapts to the coronavirus.

The game, which was taken care of by Niantic, is popular because it can be used mainly by the players outdoors. Today, however, the situation in the world is very dangerous and people should not meet (even in open spaces) to spread the COVID-19 pandemic .

But how do you explain it to Pokémon GO? Probably not a simple task. But what can be done right now is some customization of the game so that it can be played, even from the comfort of the living room . After a new you will therefore save the game and  “ achievements” that you make at home:

“ With Adventure Sync, you can track your steps indoors, so activities like tidying up and running on the belt will add to the game. We are also going to refine this program so that it works even more accurately when moving and doing indoor activities.  Niantic- Advertising –

But of course that’s not all. Developers are constantly working to improve so-called social features. People will be able to communicate better without physically meeting outside . The opportunity to play Raid Battles from home is also promised in the near future . So if you are a Pokémon GO player, you should know about these news.

“We are also improving our virtual social features in the game so that players can stay in touch when they can’t meet live. You will soon be able to connect with your friends and play Raid Battles together in the comfort of your home.  Niantic