The OneUI 2.1 update re-enables NavStar customization on Galaxy Note10 and S10.

This is one of the good news that is rarely registered for most people but very exciting for a very specific group of users. One of the most advanced customization options available to some Samsung Galaxy users through Samsung Good Lock, NavStar has been disabled in OneUI 2.0. Now NavStar, already seeding in the U.S. and some other countries in the new OTA, is back online for the Galaxy Note10 and S10

For it to work, the owner of the phone needs to update to the latest firmware and get the latest NavStar (v2.0.00.2) build from the Galaxy App Store. I am not sure if this OTA update package for last year’s flagship is the same one I found a few days ago. However, the update in question seems to be all the signs pointing in that direction, as it applies some new camera features to that device, such as single take, pro mode for video recording, AR zone and my filter, 60fps selfie video in 1080p and 4K. . Of course, Google’s April security patch. In this case, NavStar compatibility simply seems to be the icing of Proverbs cake.

However, the update does not solve all NavStar issues. One, as reported by the user, is a severe overlap between the show and hide buttons on the navigation bar. This is Samsung-approved and will be fixed in OneUI 2.5. Apparently the Korean giant is still busy with major rework of some code.

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