The next Battlefield will be released as early as mid 2021

It’s almost a series that has been released year after year for the Battlefield family of games from 2011 until the latest part in 2018, but the wait for the next part may have to wait a bit longer than Mr Andrew Wilson. The CEO of EA said investors have decided to release the next part of the EA’s annual budget in 2022, beginning April 1, 2021.

Mr Wilson said that “The Battlefield franchise and the game community are the main focus of our company. And we will put new content New gameplay Into Battlefield 5 during the annual budget of 2021 (mid-2020). “The new innovation Will be able to be used from the Next-Gen platform and with the increasing player base in the new console Our next Battlefield game is scheduled for the fiscal year 2022 (mid-2021). ”

And after inquiring about Mr Wilson in this regard Mr Wilson said that This decision comes from many factors. The first factor is that EA has something new. To play with Battlefield 5 again

“We still see a lot of opportunities flourishing in Battlefield 5 and like I said before We are about to launch a new battleground, the Pacific Battlefield. And the team still thinks that will propel this game forward We, therefore, think that there is still a chance to experience Battlefield 5 because it was created as a * live service like this from the beginning. ”

(* live service, games that aim to allow players to continue playing Or return to play again for as long as possible and may use real money to top up as well)

Interesting is the success of Apex Legends is one of the deciding factors. Wilson says Apex is a very effective year-round game. It helps to reduce the pressure to release a lot of the next Battlefield games. Wilson also emphasized that the need for EA to take advantage of new technologies In the next console version as well But must have enough player base as well Including specifying that The next game will still be like Battlefield 5, which is a live service, which has become normal in the gaming industry. And the success of other games gives EA a reason to be cautious in any action. Mr Blake Jorgensen, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, revealed that the astounding fact is Star Wars. Battlefront 1 and 2 have sold over 33 million copies.

“It is a very long sales. So we’re very careful about arranging other games Going out into the market I think players are getting used to annual sports games. Which it sells well with sports games But we have to be careful of other franchises that we give to have a long life in our business And make a lot of profits in that long period of time. ”

Sadly, EA’s great shooter game, other games still don’t have any news coming out: Jorgensen says that Titanfall 3 might be available in the future. But still without confirmation

“We want the team to focus on Apex as much as there are still many opportunities in that game. So I can’t tell if there will be a new Titanfall or when it will come out. But it is still a great brand. And we will definitely not forget it, “said Mr Jorgensen.

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