The new Xperia 1 II has a hidden camera function “DRO”

The new flagship from Sony’s 2020 new Xperia flagship, the Xperia 1 II will launch in Japan, it has been decided that DOCOMO will release SO-51A and au will release SOG01 at the end of April and May respectively.

This Xperia 1 II has few actual device reviews and hands-on videos and images, and there are many parts that have not been clarified about detailed new functions.

Now, however, it has become clear that the Xpeira 1 II camera has some interesting new features that have not been officially announced .

This is a screenshot of one scene from the video at the time of the announcement of Xperia 1 II.

As you can see, there is “DRO / Auto HDR” .

What is DRO = D Range Optimizer?

DRO is an abbreviation of “Dynamic Range Optimizer” and is a function installed on Sony α cameras and Cyber-shot.

A function that analyzes the difference in brightness between the subject and the background in small areas and creates an image with the optimal brightness and gradation, reducing blackout when shooting under adverse conditions where backlighting or contrast is large. It seems that it is often used for that purpose.

What is the difference from Auto HDR?

Both D-Range Optimizer and Auto HDR are functions that adjust the brightness. Same as image correction function.

The only difference is that the DRO draws out the tones of light and dark areas in a single photo and finishes it, while the auto HDR combines several photos with different exposures to create a single photo.

On the other hand, the D-range optimizer seems to have the drawback that if the effect is strengthened, noise is more likely to occur and overexposure is more likely .

On the other hand, while Auto HDR has the advantage of being less affected by noise , it seems difficult to shoot a moving subject because it takes multiple photos .

Also, there seems to be a drawback that if you do too much auto HDR, the whole picture will be unnatural.

In short, both seem to be good and bad, but it seems convenient to be able to choose one depending on the situation even in situations where there is a large difference in brightness, such as backlight.

Please note that this feature is not currently listed on the Xperia 1 II official page.So, like some other features, there is a possibility that it will be supported by an update after release.

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