The new “Google Pixel Buds” has also landed! Earphones loaded with Google technology

With Pixel 4a, the latest model of Google’s earphone “ Google Pixel Buds ” was finally announced for sales in USA.

Let’s briefly review the functions before the release in other countries.!

Design: Designed with a sense of fit

While the previous model had a design in which the left and right earphones were connected, the latest model is a completely wireless earphone.

It is designed to have a rounded shape as a whole, and it seems to be comfortable to wear by scanning the shape of the ears of thousands . There are 3 different ear tip sizes, so you can expect a comfortable fit. Creating a design from data in this way is a Google-like approach. By the way, it is IPX4 drip-proof .

The G mark on the earphone is a touch sensor. You can also play, stop, and skip songs by swiping.

The battery is about 5 hours with the earphones alone . You can use the round battery pack for up to 24 hours. The battery case supports Qi, so there is no need to connect or disconnect the cable. No, it may be natural for modern flagship earphones, but for the time being

Technology: Google’s unique approach to noise

There is no active noise canceling (ANC), but Google’s technology is used extensively for noise canceling during calls. According to Google, Pixel Buds uses two microphones and an accelerometer to reduce noise and wind noise according to the scene. Sometimes he also uses bone conduction.

In addition, pay attention to “adaptive sound” that automatically detects the ambient noise level and adjusts the volume . This feature is also rated as “very comfortable” so if you want comfortable listening in the form of environmental sounds instead of blocking external sounds, Pixel Buds is a good option. What?

Convenient function: “OK Google” activates the assistant, and real-time translation is also available

You can operate the Google Assistant with “OK Google” and you can use the real-time translation function as you can with smartphones. Translation accuracy? Yeah, you’re interested! Can you really pick up your voice and translate just by speaking? Is it okay if the tongue is bad? Can it be used smoothly in conversation? The expectations are amazing. I want to try it. I want to try it now…!

There are plenty of options for complete wireless, and there are models with a powerful ANC if you stuff a little more, this price is a problem, but Buds, but depending on the cooperation with the assistant and the clearness of the call, we are now face Do you think that there is a possibility that it will become Buds because it will support the days when you became a video call mainly through teleworking ?