Updates to the Google app on iOS are making it more like a browser than before.
A server-side update to the iOS version of the Google app has added a Tabs button in the toolbar in the corner of the screen. Touching this button will bring up your open apps from the Home tab (Discover feature) and Google Search. In addition, the Collections tab also helps to save locations, images, and pages taken from your recent activity.
In addition, when you check the search box, you will see a list of keywords recently searched, the top of the menu also has the words Search or type URL as a traditional address bar often found on browsers. The above improvements show that the search giant is turning the Google app into a browser.

In settings you can decide how long you want to keep a page open in tabs. Current options include: Never, one day, one week (one week), or one month (one month).
You can install the latest version of the Google app for iOS from the App Store, if you have not seen the above changes, you may need to wait a while because Google is implementing the rollout to all users. .