The Galaxy S10 5G finally has the same 3D face unlock feature as the iPhone

It works using the ToF sensor on the front.

What you need to know is that with
one UI 2.0, Samsung enables 3D face recognition on Galaxy S10 5G.
Use the ToF sensor on the front to map your face in three dimensions.
The result is a much safer face unlocking environment that can’t be easily tricked into face photos.
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the most expensive and feature rich. With 5G s, this phone is the only one with a ToF sensor on both the front and back. The ToF sensor can be a wonder for portrait mode using the default camera module, but it also allows real-time 3D face scanning.

Unfortunately, when Korean giants first launched the 5G variant of their flagship product line, they didn’t do that with great interest in the ToF sensor and the possibility of unlocking it. Well, the company has finally made it possible for the future and the Galaxy S10 5G discovered by @TEQHNIKACROSS now uses ToF sensors for facial recognition.

Finally, mobile phones that can use the smarts of the ToF sensor can now use the time it takes to reflect light and use the IR beam to map their faces in 3D (e.g. in a shorter ‘time’ camera with a nose light). Since it’s closer, you can then use this data to identify all bumps and wrinkles on your face in real time, providing a much safer environment than just unlocking your face with a standard front camera alone, so you can’t fool the camera with 2D photography Of course, there are still ways to solve these advanced facial recognition methods, but it’s a different step than before.

Unfortunately this is a software upgrade, so your phone must have One UI 2.0 to work. Samsung is currently in beta testing release tests in Korea. Hopefully, it will be available soon in other regions as well.

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