A series of sporadic rumors show that Google is building a new operating system Fuchsia OS. According to the latest report from foreign media 9to5Google, Fuchsia OS’s first “release candidate” has appeared. This RC version has appeared on the Fuchsia section of Google Source and is called “releases/20190206_00_RC01”.Foreign media speculated that Google has built a release version of Fuchsia OS on February 6, and RC01 refers to Release Candidate 01, the “release candidate.” However, what is the “00” in the middle is still difficult to figure out. In general, the candidate version is in the final test phase before the release of the software, which is completely in the Alpha and Beta tests, but there is currently no indication that Google has completed the test.

In addition, Google has abandoned the Armadillo UI on Fuchsia a few months ago, and foreign media speculate that Google may have a more friendly early version of the UI (user interface) in another independent, private Fuchsia repository. Fuchsia without a user interface will only work for developers, which makes it a far cry from the real “candidate version.”Another possibility is that this candidate version of Fuchsia is for internal use only. Although the public is still difficult to reach, this version is still a milestone in the development of Fuchsia.