The Facebook Dark mode application has been found again by Android users

Previously, users have reported that Facebook is developing dark mode for the Android version of the app many times already. Which users can adjust the app screen to become dark is a necessity in this era, so as not to have to find blue light from the screenIn which some users on the Reddit website have already released screenshots of the Facebook Dark Mode application. Which was recorded two months ago The images are shared on Twitter by users named Nagesh Bande and Lock, which are images from an Android mobile phone.

By referring to the screenshot taken, Facebook will make the UI look darker with a grayish color. More than black The font color turns out to be a shaded bright gray to match the look of the UI, but the image has not been confirmed. But hopefully there will be a mode for AMOLED to get a completely black screen But Facebook has not officially confirmed the dark mode, but there are people who expect a lot to come out soon.In addition to dark mode, Facebook is testing a favorite feature similar to Instagram’s Close Friends. TechCrunch reported that this feature is currently being developed. Users will be able to add 10 friends to their favorites list and can send status and stories separately. This feature is expected to be available soon.Other companies such as Google, Microsoft, and others are starting to launch dark mode for their services. Even WhatsApp, which has Facebook as its own, is going to be using dark mode for Android apps.

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