The end of the era: iOS jailbreak is dead!

Once upon a time, iOS jailbreak is the most concerned for iPhone and iPad users, because it can get rid of Apple’s bondage, and then you can enjoy the resources and applications that are cracked, and every time Apple will block these jailbreaks.

Since the iOS system is jailbroken, the Cydia software store has to mention it, which is a sign for the cracked Apple device.

Sudiak, the creator of Cydia, announced on the news commentary social networking site Reddit that since the Cydia store had almost no revenue and that the store had a recent vulnerability that could pose a risk to users, it decided to close it at the end of the year.

Simply put, the cost of maintaining a Cydia store doesn’t sound worth the expense of maintaining it, and the fact is that the founders never want to maintain it anymore. Users can no longer purchase software from the Cydia store.

In fact, for Apple, it has now fully cultivated the habit of users to buy genuine software, you are still concerned about jailbreak, and will be jailbroken, welcome to discuss with the post.