The display is better than the iPad! : Galaxy Tab S7+

The biggest concern is the display.

Following the hands-on of the Galaxy Tab S7 announced at Galaxy Unpacked 2020 the other day , this time we will introduce the first look of the Galaxy Tab S7+ !

Beautiful and amazing screen

The first thing I want to pay attention to on the S7+ is the 12.4 inch screen. AMOLED panel adopted instead of LCD . If you look up close, you’ll find it bright and bright, and it’s just amazing.

The specs are 120Hz refresh rate and 9ms touch latency, which is much lower than the 40ms of Tab S6 . From the above , it can be said that the Galaxy Tab S7+ is on the same level as Apple’s flagship product, the iPad Pro 12.9-inch .

However, the Tab S7+ produces more vibrant colors, and the Galaxy Tab S7+ costs $850, while the iPad Pro 12.9-inch costs $1,000, which is $150 less.

As mentioned earlier, the display of the S7+ is amazing. Even compared to Samsung’s recent devices, it’s a big leap forward. No matter what good or bad your Twitter feed says, it makes you mesmerized by a smooth screen .

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Better with a stylus! As a result of the upgraded refresh rate combined with reduced input latency, the S Pen is easier to move and text and images are easier to draw accurately.

Because of this display, it is a good level to buy a new tablet or buy a new one . If Samsung had adopted a 120Hz AMOLED screen earlier, it would have outperformed other companies’ devices from an early stage.

Sone apps don’t keep up with the screen

However, it also has the disadvantage of having a wonderful display. When it comes to playing mobile games. Many Android games, such as Team Fight Tactics, are designed to run smoothly on less powerful hardware, with low resolution graphics and optimizations for a wide range of devices. It’s something you don’t really notice on small screens such as smartphones, but you may notice roughly that it’s a good display with a resolution of 2736 x 1824 .

Samsung partners with Microsoft to address these issues. Using the Windows 10 Your Phone app, it seems like we’re preparing to mirror the PC’s display to Tab S7 for a full desktop experience .

The same applies to Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Ultimate Game Pass streaming. No matter where you are, console-level games and graphics are available on the Tab S7. Also, unlike previous Samsung 10-inch tablets, it allows you to multitask on a big screen without feeling any restrictions.

Dex mode improves work efficiency

There are some quirks on the S7, such as being unable to right-click using Samsung keyboard accessories. However, this is only in tablet mode. It seems that the only way to right-click is to enable DeX mode . This feels a little strange. I decided to keep the S7 + always in DeX mode.

But perhaps the most annoying thing about S7 + is about the platform, not the components. This is part of what Google hasn’t looked at for a long time, but there are many opinions that Android tablets are not built with work efficiency as important as Windows 10 and iPad OS .

DeX isn’t perfect yet, but it seeks to provide a desktop-like OS experience that many long-time android users will find completely unfamiliar.

Once again, S7+ has a remarkable display. By maximizing the beauty of the screen not found on other tablets, this strength should be brought out even more. However, it may be a little unrealistic to put out $850 just because of the display.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ will be available later this fall. This time I was introducing First Look, but I’m looking forward to actually testing it.