The Cardiogram app helps Apple Watch detect COVID-19 in the body.

Cardiogram application for Apple Watch that provides detailed heart rate data Can now analyze whether the wearer is likely to be infected with the corona virus or COVID-19 or not.

The app developers say that when they are sick The body releases proteins like histamine. Which can cause vasodilation and inflammation This process stimulates the brain to increase the heart rate. So that the blood can be sent to the inflamed area, allowing the Cardiogram app to detect that the wearer’s body has a different heart rate than normal

The higher heart rate observed during sleep or rest It may indicate that the wearer is having a fever. Cardiogram co-founder Johnson Hsieh says that the updated Cardiogram sleep tracking feature Helps the wearer see a tendency that the body is responding to the symptoms of the common cold or other illnesses, including COVID-19.

However, the Cardiogram app development team warns that app diagnostics The purpose is only to help detect some abnormal symptoms. Sometimes the heart rate is higher at during sleep. May indicate other health conditions That are not related to influenza or COVID-19. Therefore, if receiving notifications from the app Should go to the doctor for a correct diagnosis

Cardiogram app can be downloaded and installed for free !! Via the app store

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