The biggest problem with the Galaxy S20 FE has yet to be resolved

Reports on the Galaxy S20 FE touchscreen issue were revealed shortly after Samsung launched its budget flagship product. Users have complained about the 6.5 inch touch screen not responding or reading input incorrectly. This resulted in jittery scrolling, animation lag, ghost touch, and frustrating lag when zooming using pinch. Samsung has since released two firmware updates for the Galaxy S20 FE to fix the problem. However, although many Galaxy S20 FE owners don’t seem to be as intense as the first, they are still running into these issues.

The biggest problems with the Galaxy S20 FE still remain. The latest firmware G78xxXXU1ATJ5 has been released to fix the touch screen problem. The touch responsiveness has improved slightly, but not all of the issues have been resolved. We continue to have issues with pinch to zoom and device scrolling. Reddit is full of complaints from users who continue to face these issues even after the latest updates are installed. Pinch-to-zoom appears to be the most prevalent of the multi-touch issues reported by users.

It is inconvenient for users performing image editing on mobile phones, as perfect pinch-to-zoom is important for a good user experience in certain scenarios. The previous update reduced the intensity of the anxious scroll, but it’s still hard to miss. For example, in apps like Twitter, stopping and releasing your finger after scrolling is still registered as a movement, which causes jitter. We have experienced all of this on our own devices too. Naturally, people are wondering if this can be solved at all. Some believe that Samsung may try to fix hardware problems with software solutions. There are talks about those who want or already return the Galaxy S20 FE. It’s important for Samsung to provide quicker information on what’s going on and if these issues can really be fixed.