Oracle sued Google for stealing Java code back in 2010 or about 9 years ago. The lawsuit has already undergone court procedures and appeals.

Google lawsuit wins in state court of first instance (To the point of being a judge, learning to write code for trial) but lost at the Court of Appeal last March

In fact, the creator of Java was Sun Microsystem Company in 2010, and after completing the acquisition process, proceeded to sue Google for the copyright it received immediately. At first, the relationship between Google and Sun was loose. Meaning not to sue each other for mutual benefits Until changing hands with Oracle trying to take advantage of the lack of a written contract

Google says that the code that Oracle allegedly copied over 11,500 lines is not copyrighted. Because anyone can write by themselves (The District Court has tried to learn to write code. And agree with the claims of the Google this) if the Supreme Court to hear the Oracle Essentially, it is possible that it will be determined that Android infringes Oracle and must be adjusted for damages by the Oracle claims to high. Up to $ 9,000 million US dollars

The Secretary-General and the Board of Donald Trump made it clear that he encouraged Oracle to sue and win to win money. While various IT companies, Microsoft, Mozilla, are beside Google, these code can be written by anyone. No need to copy it from Java from Sun ( Oracle ).

The matter is now being sent to the Supreme Court. And expected to receive a verdict in the July next year