Teardown toont grote camerasensor en periscopische telelens Galaxy S20 Ultra x

IFixit has subjected the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to a teardown. The site gives an extensive look at the entrails of Samsung’s new top model and has a lot of attention for the cameras.

The cameras of the Galaxy S20 Ultra are striking in several respects. For example, Samsung uses a 1 / 1.3 “sensor for the primary camera with a surface that is almost three times as large as that of camera sensors in other high-end smartphones. We wrote about it extensively in our camera test of the S20 Ultra , but iFixit demonstrates this once again by placing the S20 Ultra sensor next to that of an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Camera sensor Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – Photo: iFixit

The teardown of iFixit also provides insight into the periscopic telephoto lens that Samsung uses. The South Korean manufacturer had not yet shown the exact construction. According to the repair site, Samsung uses a prism with optical image stabilization. The prism reflects the stabilized image at an angle of 90 degrees in the 4x telephoto lens that lies flat in the housing. IFixit shows in a video that the telephoto lens can move in the housing. That freedom of movement is necessary to be able to focus.

Periscopic telephoto lens Galaxy S20 Ultra – Photo: iFixit

In terms of repairs, the S20 Ultra is according to iFixit no different from other recent Samsung smartphones. In particular, the removal of the glued screen and the glued battery are difficult jobs. According to the site, a plus is the use of one type of screws, so that you only need one screwdriver.