During this period of detention at home It cannot be helped at all. We will sit and stare at the phone, plow the Facebook page for hours, and then turn off the screen to do other things. Then there was a warning sound Then have to click into it again … Facebook probably thinks that people do not want to be addicted to using too much until they do not do anything So it introduced a new feature, Quiet Mode, allowing users to set a time to stop notifications And how to use the app

Quiet Mode for the Facebook app for smartphones, not just stopping app notifications. Because when users open Quiet Mode, the normal Facebook app page will be hidden. But will show the face of Quiet Mode instead. The screen will have a countdown timer. About how much is left to access the app as normal (Users can choose their own time)

Which the users can still use the app if there is really trouble By pressing the Manage Quiet Mode button and going to click Use Facebook for 15 Minutes (or going to see the interface for 15 minutes) or clicking End Quiet Mode to go back and you can use the app as usual.

And although Quiet Mode will stop all notifications from the Facebook app , important notifications Like notifications that someone signs in to our account from somewhere else Or various privacy alerts Will still bounce up For account security

Right now, Facebook is starting to release the Quiet Mode feature for iOS app users. Android systems will follow in May.

Source: TheVerge