Square Enix attracted attention by including two titles as exclusive and masterpieces when introducing the PS5 exclusive game. Representatively, Final Fantasy 16, the latest numbering title of Final Fantasy, received a lot of attention.

Although Square Enix’s recent performance is rather poor, it is still a distribution and game producer with development power, so interest in future games is still high.

In particular, Project Asia, known as an open world action adventure game released with Final Fantasy 16 and others, is receiving a lot of expectations as a new IP.

There is not much information yet, but one of the latest exclusive period information related to this Project Asia was found in the trailer highlighting the new games on the PS5 and upcoming games.

Project Asia will release the PC at the same time, but the PS5 console monopoly will last for about two years, and it has been confirmed that it will take two years to wait for it to be released on the XBOX series X/S. *Article revision PS5, PC simultaneous release

There is still no promise when Project Asia will be completed and released, but we are excited about what the new IP open world game developed exclusively for the next generation console will look like.