SamMobile, a source close to Samsung, said that this year the Android 10 Beta project will begin at the end of this month. Which will be available for testing in the United States and Europe as before

Last year, the Android 9 Beta test project on the Samsung Galaxy S9 started in November. And can get the real update within December Christmas time If this year, Samsung can release updates as quickly as before. This means that we may see the real Android 10 update at the end of November.

Last year, Samsung introduced a new face called One UI, and this year it will be upgraded to work better. And called the One UI 2.0. The phone that will receive the update is Samsung Galaxy S9 and above

Who holds the Samsung Galaxy S10 now? Because last year, Samsung, aside from being tested in Europe and the United States There are still South Korea, India and many other nations as well, but there is no Thailand. For this year, Samsung will be open for this, aside from the US and Europe. Have to wait to see the announcement again