In recent years, Sony has become the leading supplier of image sensor components, and its sensor technology is at the forefront of the industry. Although Sony’s camera is ahead of the industry with many black technologies far beyond rivals, the shooting performance on Sony phones is often not prominent. Coupled with the sales of Sony’s mobile devices, Sony is in desperate need of powerful new products to stimulate its own mobile phone sales.

The new Sony sensor with a ratio of 21:9 and 66.6 megapixels this large sensor will be applied to XperiaXZ4 with the same screen to body ratio.

The 66.6-megapixel sensor, which is not officially released by Sony, is called IMX666. The area of the sensor is 1/1.8 inch, the pixel size is 1.00μm, and the maximum shooting ratio is 66.6 megapixels. As SonyXperiaXZ4 is rumoured to use a 21:9 scale size screen to make the photos and videos more cinematic, and a lot of similar proportions of video content can also get a better viewing experience on this proportion of the screen.

The Sony XperiaXZ4 will adopt a new design language, with a breakthrough mobile phone screen ratio, plus the application of today’s highest pixel sensor, its advancement should be unprecedented in Sony phones. Perhaps Sony can use this new mobile to return to the top position in the mobile phone market.