Sony’s own camera sensor has always been in the dominance of high-end mobile phone field, but this does not prevent Sony’s mobile department from continuing to play a calm and calm attitude: Recently DxOMark brought Xperia L2 camera specifications, the mobile launched this year scored a total score of 57 points and squeezed into the fourth-lowest of the DxOMark rankings.
As can be seen from the scores, Sony Xperia L2 scored 58 points in a single item and scored 56 points in the video.

DxOMark believes that the main problem of its imaging is that the dynamic range is limited, which leads to high light exposure and over-exposure. The loss of detail in the dark is also obvious. The low-light environment has a low focus success rate. Most of the time, the imaging problem is caused by the focus problem and lens quality.
Dark details are lost obviously

Red oversaturation leads to poor perception

In terms of color, Xperia L2 also has the problem of excessive scent and distortion, and even the vignetting effect appears in some proofs, which means that the color of the object in the proof will change due to the position in the frame. The low score of video recording is mainly due to the loss of details, while the autofocus performance and anti-shake performance are poor.

After the penultimate Sony Xperia L2, there are Reliance Jio LYF Earth 1, Energizer E520, and Intex Aqua Selfie, respectively, with the bottom, second, and third bottoms, in this group of domestic consumers may have never heard of the “noisy mobile phone” “Between them, the “Sony” logo is particularly dazzling.