Sony suspends Android X update to Xperia XZ2, XZ3 after many bugs discovered

SONY in the past is considered as the brand that released the fastest update to mobile phones. In recent years, it has released the latest update to the latest Android 10 phones. But the quality of the update is not as good as before

In December, SONY released an update to phones released last year (Xperia 5, Xperia 1), after updating to Android 10, both have some sparse bugs. Although not serious, but it is considered a little distracting, until SONY has to stop releasing updates first.

After releasing updates to mobile phones released last year The next set will be the 2018 phones: the Xperia XZ2 and XZ3, both of which received Android 10 updates last month. And the updated users have revealed that the operating system has a lot of bugs. Whether it’s a much worse memory management than before The battery that runs out is faster. Stuttering operations in any part of the operating system, including errors that can not determine what is happening.

One of the users of the Xperia XZ3 revealed that the fingerprint reader on the side of the Home button is almost useless after the update due to being very slow. Open many cameras Often doesn’t open and the SMS app often clears data completely In which the user does not interfere with it at all Some people find that using it suddenly shows Error like the picture above.

As for other users Report that unable to run more than one app If not, then the device will hang, including Notification. It’s very slow. In which something just rebooted the device disappeared While some things need to be cleared for correction

however… Many users find that after using it for a while these problems come back again. The effective solution is to find a way to reduce the operating system to Android 9 Pie, which is not easy for ordinary users. Hopefully, SONY will quickly push the new update to fix these bugs as soon as possible. It is unbelievable that the former brand has released the fastest update in the past. Today will release a bug-filled update instead of stable like this.