Software update to au’s “Galaxy S20” series Communication speed improved in 5G (Sub-6) Area

In the 5G compatible “Galaxy S20” series released by au, software update is being implemented to increase the maximum communication speed (theoretical value) in the 5G area. It is recommended to apply it early as it will also correct the defects that occur on some terminals.

In japan KDDI and Okinawa Cellular Phone have started pushing software updates for Samsung Electronics smartphones “Galaxy S20 5G SCG01”, “Galaxy S20+ 5G SCG02”, and “Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G SCG03”. By applying it, the maximum communication speed in 5G area will be improved.

The update delivered this time, the maximum downlink communication speed in the 5G area will be increased from 2.8Gbps to 3.4Gbps . SCG02/03 support for “maximum downlink 4.2 Gbps / maximum uplink 481 Mbps” will be done in a future update.

 In addition, security patches have been updated (July 2020), and SCG01 and SCG02 will also solve problems that may cause repeated reboots when a specific wallpaper is set.