Snapdragon 8cx world’s first 7nm PC process explained

On the afternoon of December 17, Qualcomm officially explained the world’s first 7nm PC platform: the Snapdragon 8cx computing platform.

According to the official introduction, Snapdragon 8cx is the most extreme Snapdragon processor built by Qualcomm. It is designed for PCs and has three core selling points: the perfect balance of performance and battery life, leading connection experience and strong productivity.

1.the perfect balance of performance and battery life

According to Qualcomm, snapdragon 8cx has pushed the dragon to a new level, achieving the perfect balance of performance and endurance. Its integrated Adreno 680 GPU is Qualcomm’s strongest GPU to date. Not only is it twice as fast as the previous generation, it is 60% more efficient than the GPU of the Snapdragon 850 mobile computing platform.

It has powerful graphics processing capabilities: a two-fold increase in the number of transistors and a two-fold increase in memory bandwidth, using the latest DX12 API. When working together, these GPU components deliver superior performance without compromising battery life.

Not only that, but breakthrough architectural improvements go far beyond this. The Kryo 495 CPU architecture is Qualcomm’s fastest Kryo CPU ever, with a larger second- and third-level cache and system cache for more arbitrary multitasking.

The peak performance of the Snapdragon 8cx computing platform with the Kryo 495 is comparable to the competitor’s 15W high performance solution.

2.leading connection experience

In addition to supporting industry-leading Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solutions, the Opteron 8cx platform also includes an integrated Opteron X24 LTE modem, the world’s first Cat.20 LTE-enabled modem with speeds up to 2.0 Gbps.

Snapdragon 8cx supports 4X4 MIMO and 7X carrier aggregation, which improves throughput by 70% in edge areas, weaker signals or network congestion compared to competing solutions.

3. Strong productivity

Snapdragon supports the current most popular entertainment and productivity applications, including popular games for Office 365 and Gameloft.

The platform supports native browsers, including the first native Mozilla Firefox browser built on the ARM64 architecture, designed for multi-threaded solutions, with an eight-core Kryo CPU for a high-performance browsing experience.

In addition, the platform supports enterprise-class features for Windows 10 Enterprise Edition and many service providers (such as Symantec, VmWare, Cisco, etc.) for the first time.