Snapdragon 865+ spec, flagship chip, plus a clock speed upgrade

Just recently, the flagship chip of the year 2020, like the Snapdragon 865 from the latest Qualcomm brand, seems to be out of production soon. Because now there is a rough spec specification of the Snapdragon 865+ flagship chip. The positive version came out. This time, it has the Clock Speed ​​up to 3.1GHz.

The person who revealed the specs of the Snapdragon 865+ is a leaked source, like Max Weinbach, in which he posted the information on the upgraded flagship chip. It will come with all 8 cores CPU divided into 4 Cores CPU clock speed at 1.8GHz, 3 Cores CPU clock speed at 2.4GHz and the last one is 1 Core CPU with stronger Clock Speed . To 3.1GHz

When compared to the current flagship chip, the Snapdragon 865, it is found that there is almost no difference, except for the main CPU Clock Speed ​​that the Snapdragon 865+ has more (Snapdragon 865 has the Clock CPU speed of the main CPU) At 2.8GHz)

Previously, the performance benchmark score of the flagship phone Galaxy Note 20+ appeared on the Geekbench website with a chip from the Qualcomm side with a top speed of 3.09GHz, which, when there is news, some specifications are out. As for the Snapdragon 865+, it comes out very like this. That the said version of the chip will be in the Galaxy Note 20+

If referring to the launch of the Snapdragon 855+ last year, it is expected that Qualcomm will launch the Snapdragon 865+ in the coming July. But still have to wait to follow up whether to postpone or not Because now the situation of COVID-19 is not good Especially in the United States Which is the birthplace of Qualcomm itself