The test results of the Snapdragon 855 appeared at AnTuTu Labs. The device is a reference device or prototype test that Qualcomm sent to various mobile manufacturers to develop.

Since it is a reference device, it doesn’t have a name, brand, or details. Just know that it runs Android versions directly from the AOSP source code. The test results are satisfactory. Can score over Kirin 980

Although the image does not have the score of the iPhone XS attached, but the test results of Apple A12 Bionic (iPhone XS) are rated at 355,000 points lower than the Snapdragon 855, which is 362,110 not much, but if the smartphone developer Able to thrust the ability of the Snapdragon 855 to work more efficiently As seen in the OnePlus 6T image, although it is a Snapdragon 845 but can score better than a reference device that is a Snapdragon 845 as well.