Smart home control with power button… ‘Android 11’ power button menu greatly enhanced

Google is expected to significantly strengthen the power button menu in the next mobile operating system (OS) Android 11, foreign media reported on the 1st (local time).

Some Android manufacturers now offer the ability to do other tasks or call voice assistants using the power button menu. Google is known to embed these extensions into the Android 11 platform itself.

In the released image, it is confirmed that the’Quick Control’ menu includes various icons that can control household lighting, thermostats, cameras, and Internet of Things (IoT) products, in addition to emergency calls and power off.

More information about the power button’Quick Control’ menu is expected to be released at the’Android 11′ beta launching show. Google initially planned to hold a launching show on the 3rd, but the schedule has been postponed again due to protests by George Floyd’s death that is spreading across the United States.