SignEasy is the first document signing app to support Face ID.

The modern world brings all modern solutions. Digital signing of documents, which has become an absolutely common matter in the meantime, is no exception. We have various apps for this activity Today we’ll show you the first to bring Face ID support!


Maybe you’ve already tried it, and maybe not yet. The fact remains that you will encounter digital signing of documents sometime in the future . Time goes ahead and this technology makes data handling faster and easier. As mentioned above, the application called SignEasy is the first to support Face ID. Unfortunately, you will not use it when signing.

In this case, the element has been added here as another kind of security. So you will be able to sign in to the app using a face scan to confirm your signature on your digital document . If you ask what it will actually be, the answer is simple.

As it is done here with various information that may be full of sensitive or personal data, it is good that they are as secure as possible. If someone accidentally gets to your unlocked iPhone, they won’t get into the app until they scan your face.

SignEasy is the first document signing app to support Face ID.

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