Sharp iPhone Photo Shoot with Apple’s Latest Acquisition

Sharp iPhone photos taken with Apple’s latest acquisitionSpectral Edge has developed a technique that uses machine learning to produce sharper images.Apple bought a UK-based startup and said it could make iPhone photos brighter and sharper.

According to Bloomberg, the technology giant seized Spectral Edge Ltd. based on documents showing that Apple is in control of the company. Spectral has developed a technique that performs infrared photography and uses machine learning to blend with standard photography to produce sharper images with more accurate colors.

The startup of Tech Profile 2002, this technology can be included in software or silicon. Potential applications include low light smartphone image enhancements, coarse security cameras or drone image enhancements. It’s not clear how much money has changed, but last year Spectral said it raised $ 5.3 million in funding. As Bloomberg pointed out, Apple may be able to integrate Spectral’s technology into photography for AI, but it’s not clear until Apple releases a new feature or announces the next iPhone.