Shadow Warrior 3 unveils new gameplay, adds wall running and grappling elements

Flying Wild Hog’s first-person fps series and the latest addition to the Shadow Warrior series, three additional gameplay videos have been released.

The Shadow Warrior 3 protagonist will also be played by Wang, with delightful comments and hot action coming back.

Shadow Warrior 3’s characteristic features such as excessive blood expression and Gore action are more diverse and colourful, and more oriental background designs are noticeable than before.

In particular, you can see in the video that a grapple action using the wire of the wrist was added as a new element, and wall running around the wall using the air dash was added.

Here, the grappling action can be used to pull and switch, as well as to simply fly on the hook, and perhaps to the enemy.

Also, as the recent Doom series, various finish actions have been added, and this video is said to be like the Oriental Doom series.

Meanwhile, the Shadow Warrior 3, which was released this time, will be released first for PCs in 2021, and the console will be released later.