Severe battery swelling Pixel 3 / Pixel 4 complaints increasing

The website PhoneArena recently reported that there have been more complaints from users of Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL mobile phones, and that their mobile phone batteries are swollen. Since May of this year, more and more complaints have appeared in Google’s support message board and Reddit discussion area. In addition to posting posts, some users also uploaded photos. It can be seen that the battery swelled quite a bit, even causing the back of the machine to arch.

Some users have not found the battery expansion problem due to the use of the protective case. There are also Pixel 4 XL users who are unable to charge wirelessly. They thought it was a problem with Google’s Pixel Stand charging cradle, but the problem remained the same after the replacement. Since the phone itself. Some users said that they needed to replace the Pixel 4 XL, but the American telecommunications company Verizon has no stock, and finally replaced it with another phone. He suspects that the battery swelling problem may be the reason for the early discontinuation of the Pixel 4 series.