Seagate 16TB mechanical hard disk shelves.

Seagate 16TB mechanical hard disk is now on the Jingdong, 256MB cache, 7200RPM speed.

According to reports, Seagate 16TB mechanical hard drive uses a 3.5-inch shape, size 147×101.85×26.11mm, sealed and has a mean time between failures of 2.5 million hours.

According to previous reports, this mechanical hard disk is built with PMR perpendicular magnetic recording technology and TDMR 2D magnetic recording technology, with 9 built-in discs.

Seagate said the mechanical drive is suitable for data centers, high-capacity high-density RAID storage, and mainstream enterprise external storage.

official data:

  • Continuous data rate 261 MB/s
  • Randomly write 440 IOP/s
  • Reduce TCO and weigh 670g
  • Seagate Secure Encryption Technology
  • Currently, the Seagate 16TB Exos X16 is out of stock.