The American company “Google” delivered good news to “Android” phone owners by promising to end intruders.

Google said that users would not be able to see the apps installed on their phones, as Google reported that a special tech site Ingadget would impose restrictions on apps on “Android” phones.

Google has revised the Android Terms of Use, which prevents most apps from viewing all other applications on your phone or tablet to limit requests for permission to view apps on your phone.

This rule applies to applications installed on the device, operating system’Android 11′ and the latest version.

The’Google Play’ store considers finding the inventory of apps installed on the device as’Sensitive Confidential Personal Information’.

Google only excludes applications that require antivirus programs, file managers, browsers, or other applications installed on the device, such as search applications on devices that require their own functionality.

This new policy prevents Google from using user data for malicious purposes, such as spying on users for advertising purposes or breaking into them.

This policy will be fully enforced for all Android mobile phone users starting May 5, 2021.