Samsung’s Exynos9820 will be 7nm based AI Processor,may be first seen in galaxy S10.


  • Samsung’s Exynos9820 will we 7nm AI based processor.

  • Galaxy S10 may be the first device which use Exynos9820 processor.

Recently, foreign media reported that the Samsung Galaxy10 will be the first mobile phone equipped with Samsung’s first self-developed 7nm AI processor. The newly processed model is Exynos 9820.

Currently flagship from leading company have AI Based processor the Kirin 980 Huawei’s own AI processor used in Mate20 series, apple Iphone XS/MAX do have A12 AI processor, snapdragon 845 a AI based processor which is used in many android smartphone maker company such as ONEPLUS, LG, OPPO, XIAOMI etc, and MediaTek Helio P60 do have AI capablities.

Currently, Apple A12 and Kirin 980 use the 7nm process of TSMC’s conventional lithography technology, Samsung Exynos9820 will use Samsung’s own 7nm EUV (Ultraviolet lithography).

An AI processor will have more powerful deep learning ability neural network computing can effectively improve AR, VR, image recognition, and provide more intelligent photography optimization. Because it has a module dedicated to AI calculations, it does not require CPU calculations, and overall efficiency and power consumption are effectively optimized.

According to Samsung , the 7nm AI based Exynos9820 may come in Feb or march of 2019.